Nipples Of Fate

- The Nipply One's Vision -

Inspired by the works of his nipple brothers an sisters, the Nipply One started to write a book based on his adventures, the nipple, and many other things. He had found such great solace after such hard times that him and his followers had overcome; all because of the nipple.

One night, the Nipply One had a great vision which began with the usual messages from Gog. He had realized how symbolic the nipple was... It was a circle, symbolizing eternity (no beginning and no end), prosperity (gold rings, crowns, etc.), and so much more. A circle within a circle. A powerful force breeding an even more powerful source. Gog was the powerful source surrounding it all and now the Nipply One was at the center.

The Nipply One was now a demigod, bestowed with great gifts from Gog and his followers. His kingdom had become the most prominent in the land and his people praised him. The ongoing book he worked on got many great reviews too! But there was more to be done.. There was more he could do.... But what?

The vision came to him after that stream of thought.. There will be a man who will carry on his legacy if and when he could not... A man that would immortalize the nipple and keep the Nipple World alive, restoring the magic that was almost lost during the dark times of King Vipre and his dark lord Natas (a story to be told along with many, at a later time).

This man would go by the name of JV. He knew what would happen and why but he could not speak of this to the world around him. Fate had to take it's course and fate would have it that an evil force would start consuming the lands of the Nipple World. The High Council of Nipplandia remained close friends, followers, and admirers of the Nipply One and they knew what was to come.. Eventually, the Nipply One himself disappeared, leaving behind his great works and followers. Nipplandia would enter a dark time and the Nipple World, once again, would fall to horrid perils.