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Reunited - Fantasy Football 2014!!
Sun Jul 27, 2014 Posted By: Yogizilla

So this is the time when the dead come back to live. That's right, Nips - it's fantasy football time! Since this seems to be one of the few activities we can all do together regardless of our platforms of choice, we may do more than the usual two or three simultaneous leagues.

The NoF main league returns as our custom PPR league with deep rosters and multiple divisions. The NoF Back Pocket is going into it's second season as a keeper league, which should make things.. Interesting.

We may expand our backup league as we invite our friends from The GANG over at where we do Twitch streams, YouTube videos, podcasts, Steam game giveaways, community gaming events, and more. The goal here is to expand the NoF family and our spirit of social gaming and casual fun. Will you help us?

I'd like to resurrect our mail list so please e-mail us here:


If you're already registered, be sure to update your info. This way you can be plugged in no matter where you are. We also welcome you to use the various features on Yahoo! Groups: shared calendar, photo galleries, polls, etc. Of course, the #1 place to start rallying everyone in our core and extended nipply family is at Geeky Antics:

Those are some of the many ways to connect with us, support the network, meet new geeks, and join us for good times. Don't be shy - share, like, subscribe, follow, and leave some comments!

Last but not least, leave us some VM. Heck, even if all you want to do is talk some trash about fantasy football.. do it!

(206) 415-4987

The Road To Twitch Partnership - I Need YOUR Help!
Thu May 22, 2014 Posted By: Yogizilla

I've been in talks with Twitch about becoming a partnered broadcaster. If this happens, we'll even more pull in the gaming industry and overall geek movement. It can't happen without everyone rallying and all it takes is a few minutes - click the link, sign up (if you're not on Twitch already), and share with your friends and family to have them do the same!

Let's do this! Trying to make the dream happen here, guys and gals! Also, have you see our new seksy sites?

NoF lives on in the Geeky Antics Network.. The difference is that we're gathering more motivated peeps to make things happen. I love my Nips but I know we're all busy doing our own things these days... ;o)

Chip Cella's - CaptinChaos - 1st Video Podcast On HorsePLAY!
Fri Mar 21, 2014 Posted By: Yogizilla

We pop Chip's metaphorical cherry by having him guest host on HorsePLAY! and do video with us. EP14 is possibly our best show yet, though EP5 holds a special place in my heart since it was our first game developer interview on the show. I'm uploading the Full HD video to my HorsePLAY! LIVE HD playlist:

You can find all my Yogizilla-branded YouTube playlists here:

If you love the discussions and want to join in, call us and leave a VM at (206) 415-4987 or tweet @GeekyAntics, @Yogizilla, and @ObioneX2. Chip Cella is @CaptinChaos on Twitter, too. Be sure to check out The B-TEam Podcast and Agents of SHIELDcast over at, Facebook, Stitcher, iTunes, and their respective web sites. AWESOME shows!

Last but not least, we're keeping the NoF spirit going in our growing network over at the beta site - - join us! We'd love to have some Nips contribute there on a regular basis. We need bloggers, artists, promoters, podcast hosts, and silly geeks.

Stay NIPPLY peeps! =oD

SEGA & Blizzard Love - GANG VM (206) 415-4987
Fri Mar 21, 2014 Posted By: Yogizilla

So Hearthstone has gone live for real ans Heroes Of The Storm is now a technical alpha. We should Hearthstone. Tweet me @Yogizilla for my Battle Tag. Also, don't forget to opt into the HotS alpha/beta by going to and changing your settings.

The SEGA sale over at Humble Bundle is almost done. I snagged a bunch of games dirt cheap and felt good about supporting charity and the best gaming company of all time. w00t!

Let us know what you snagged from the sale, what your favorite SEGA games of all time are, or if you are playing any Blizzard games. Leave us a VM at (206) 415-4987.


HorsePLAY! On iTunes - Leave Us Voicemail!
Mon Mar 17, 2014 Posted By: Yogizilla

HorsePLAY! is now on iTunes so you can listen wherever you are and whatever way you'd like. We'd appreciate some downloads, subscribes, and reviews. I'd love to have some of our fellow Nips leave us voicemail or join us for some podcasting fun. Our GANG VM hotline is (206) 415-4987.

If you're interested about doing some shows with us as a guest or show host, hit me up. Tweet @Yogizilla or @GeekyAntics. I'm also on Twitch, YouTube, Skype, etc.. Guess what my name is there. ;o)

Now for some handy-dandy links!

HorsePLAY! LIVE On iTunes!-live/id837770294?mt=2

HorsePLAY! Feedburner RSS

HorsePLAY! LIVE HD Videos

Don't forget to show us some love. Call in to the HorsePLAY LIVE Skype line when we do our Geeks Engaged and Freeballin' segments. Fax or VM us at (206) 415-4987 and we'll play the messages LIVE on our Twitch shows!

HorsePLAY! Is On Stitcher Radio
Sun Feb 9, 2014 Posted By: Yogizilla

The HorsePLAY! podcast is now on Stitcher Radio. Super stoked about this.. I'd love to have some Nips join us on the podcast and then maybe start some new shows of our own. Check out what we've done thus far!

Stitcher is FREE to use. I prefer it over iHeartRadio and definitely over Crapple's iTunes (LOL). Support our show by signing up using our handy-dandy referral links. If you can figure out how, leave us a review too. =oP

New web site in the works at - this will be a network for peeps to syndicate their blog posts, podcasts, etc. It's gonna be da dopeness, y0! =oD

Armada Online Alpha Build Review & Longplay
Sat Jan 11, 2014 Posted By: Yogizilla

I spend over an hour playing the alpha build of Armada Online over on my YouTube channel. I loved this game on the Dreamcast and love it even more now. Mark Jordan, one of the driving forces behind AO, also shares with us the development behind the game on Horseplay Episode 5: Space, The Final FUN-Tier - coming soon to YouTube and our new web site!

Be sure to vote YES for the Armada Online Steam Greenlight project. Here's a game old-school ARC, Silent Death Online, and Infantry players should really appreciate. I feel Armada Online fills a great void in the space/sci-fi online game space. w00t!!


Horseplay LIVE (Archived Broadcast) On Twitch - RAW AND UNCUT!

*** Episode 5 - Space, The Final FUN-Tier ***

Christmas Eve Mini Rant & Quick Fixes For Gaming
Wed Dec 25, 2013 Posted By: Yogizilla

You know, I find it annoying that we live in a politically correct culture where everyone feels they have to walk on egg shells for those of us that are easily offended. Christmas is Christmas, not XMas. To everyone, I wish a Merry Christmas, regardless of your religion, creed, beliefs, race, whatever.

The spirit of this holiday should be about enjoying time with our loved ones. We should all find ourselves feeling more compassionate, generous, and/or grateful. Whether you love you some Jesus or not, we here in the Nipples Of Fate wish you a great season, not just today and tomorrow, but through the new year!

...And, if you are an uptight schmuck who has to make a stink about everything (much like the stupid "gay cake" lawsuit and Phil Robertson /Duck Dynasty debacle), well, I hope you find peace in your hearts. I hope you find the good will and tolerance that you feel entitled to yet do not yourself exercise. Let's put aside all ugliness and self-imposed barriers as 2014 approaches, folks!

Moving on...

I haven't had much time in the past week or so to do any gaming but you can find me guesting on a few podcasts, including one of my faves - Gaming History 101 with FREEEEEEEEEED RRRRRROJAAAASSSSS!

The one game I have been able to sneak in amidst the hustle-and-bustle of a hectic yet fun family life is Rogue Legacy. I don't find it as fun or balanced as Risk Of Rain but it is an awesome game. I also dig that it's a sort of homage to Ghouls N' Goblins, one of my all-time favorite games.

I'm finally making a dent in the game but I am stuck halfway and it seems the only way to really get further is to grind until I get enough gold to buy the proper upgrades. Here's a great game that takes the permadeath concept and creates a rogue-LITE game, where death is final but rewards are persistent. AWESOME!

Don't forget to visit my main blog for details on my upcoming sweepstakes. I'm giving away a copy of Risk Of Rain to a lucky fan on Twitch once we hit 100+ followers. That'll be a huge milestone and we're a third of the way there. Once I get there, I will have an official subscriber button and show up in more suggestions.

This also means I can monetize Twitch further, which is great since YouTube seems to be going to shit anyway. I have stuff there too...


NEW! Thursday Night Podcast And The Power Of Community
Tue Dec 3, 2013 Posted By: Yogizilla

It's official: late Thursday nights from 11pm to 1am EST we will be doing gaming podcasts, livestreams, and community events under the Horseplay (working title) banner.

The Horseplay Podcast and Horseplay Gaming Network will team up with NoF, Twitch and YouTube streamers, Steam communities, and hopefully to bring you fresh perspectives, nerd rage, and random banter. Our format will be unscripted with rotating guests/co-hosts. Segments will include:

* Obi On The Podi - ObioneX2 takes the podium to discuss whatever.
* The Dust Off - Milking the crap out of yesteryear's games.
* Strategery - Deckbuilding, tactics, RTS, and more.
* League of LeoTARDS - Everything LoL, including weekly League champion picks.

For us, the value of community is engagement, not reach, impressions, or volume. We want to form tightly-knit groups and involve our listeners and viewers. We want our social channels and content to be the gamer geek equivalent of Cheers, where everyone knows your name.

Community is a powerful and often misunderstood thing. I look at Marvel Puzzle Quest and see so many familiar faces.. Like Batt1e_Ange1, who is clearly cheating or has WAY too much time on her hands, and HipDudeGlasses, whose name always makes me giggle like a school girl. SolForge is a similar experience for me.. Shouts to JakeAlmighty, Aeris130, TheCable, etc. I love these small communities where people are so involved and engaged.. That is what makes lesser-known games and content thrive!

You can find me, Yogizilla, and co-host ObioneX2 on Twitch.. Google me. I am easy to stalk. Also, you may or may not find boobs on my new Tumblr.

Game on, Nips, geeks, and crazies! <3

Time Is Running Out.. Get Dat Red ISO-8!
Mon Dec 2, 2013 Posted By: Yogizilla

The Unstable Isotope event on Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign is almost over.. In less than 11 hours from this post's time stamp, the event goes bye-bye.

Thus far, this has been my favorite event. It is really easy to stock up on red ISO-8 and unlock sweet tiered rewards. When I say the rewards are generous, I am not exagerrating. Hero Points and HEROIC covers await.

The key to this event is to have board clear and countdown tile manipulation. Bag-Man Spidey, Juggernaut, and Hawkeye (Classic) are particularly useful here. For extra damage, Captain America can show off his stars and stripes at +200% stats!

I wish this event was longer. I am barely in the Top 250 and the boss battles get insanely hard, especially with enemies over Level 80 (BOY do they hit hard)! If only I could beat the level 150ish Ragnarok...

Anyone have luck here?

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