Nipples Of Fate

- Nipplandia & The Nipply One's Followers -

With the birth of the nipple came a fading away of Gog's power. Other gods tried to take control of his world and he had to imprison them in magical cages. These cages had to be sustained with trickles of magic every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every year of every century.

With what little power Gog had left, he took some of the residents of the earthly plane and took them to his world which soon became known as the Nipple World. Gog could no longer communicate freely with the people as he needed to conserve his energy. His nipples were almost completely drained of the force which had once filled him with a most powerful magic, second only to God's.

This was his curse for not following the will of his boss and he understood this and accepted his fate peacefully, hoping that somehow things would better. Many centuries passed by, a lot crap happened in between. The Nipple World was filled with magic which kept Gog alive but he was only a mere shadow of himself (and he thought being God's shadow sucked!).

One fateful day would have it that a man would be, given life from the plethora of nipples that scaped the land. The nipples of men and women, rubber nipples, nipple candy, nipple trees, nipple hills, nipple bushes... THE NIPPLY ONE! This man's nipples were powerful. So much so that Gog found strength and began channeling his thoughts to the Nipply One, one of his few mortal contacts.

The Nipply One was born into a time of great wars where humans battled dragons, goblins, ogres, and the likes. He had wandered from land to land in the Nipple World, seeking purpose and helping those that needed it. He was a great mind and samaritan but he also wielded a mean sword - The Bladed Nipple! This sacred sword was passed on to him by Gog himself so that he may live and fulfill his destiny; to completely nipplify the world and breathe new life into his creator.

After all his time drifting, the Nipply One had a purpose. He had, before this had no real identity. He was just "the one with great nipples". Now, the Nipply One knew what he had to do but even he couldn't do it alone as he was, after all, a mere mortal. His quest to seek followers began.

A few years had past when he had finally assembled a group of people that would defeat those that tried to corrupt the Nipple World. He battled and he battled almost endlessly. His comrades-at-arms fought with true heart as he lead them onward into victory, his mystical sword - blue flames, nipple, and all - unsheathed, always ready for battle.

After the evil of the land had been diminished and ancient treasures acquired, the Nipply One ended his crusades and rested along with his friends. They reminisced of all the great battles that took place over the years. They spoke of great lands and legends of many more treasures to be found. A kingdom was established as they settled down and enjoyed the fruits of their labor. This kingdom was Nipplandia, home of the mighty nipples.