Nipples Of Fate


Throughout the history of the wonderoues Nipple World, there have been many ARC pioneers as well as countless great minds, weirdos, and ass-kickers. Here, we have compiled a concise collection of some of the great quotes that our scribes have recorded to be remembered for countless years to come. We honor fated nipples, saucey nipples, and nipples of any other variety by immortalizing them in our archives. Note that some of the quotes have been paraphrased since we were not able to write down the quotes the moment that they were said.

"btw, i invented a new verb. to cojone. to cojone someone means to grab them by their cojones and whirl them around the room at a high rate of speed... examples: 'man, i cojoned that guy!' a reference might be 'man, i bet he's feeling the Gs' Gs from the speed of the whirling" - Sage

"Sex is like math. You add a bed, subtract clothes, divide legs, and pray that you dont multiply." - Plowman (Word > Plow)

"Spamming makes the baby Jesus cry." - Ragnar

"A inciteful email from el capitan: Roses Are Red................... GET DSL ok" - ToNy4MvP

"Plays? Much too complicated... I just run around and cause trouble. It seems to be working quite well, actually." - Astrok

"d00t." - Craisin

"Gurgle." - Astrok

"The prophets have foreseen our future.. It started with our founder, The Nipply One. He laid down the bricks for a firm foundation and now we stand high and mighty.... Triumphant nips into the future!" - Yogizilla

"That's one fine stick of an idea you got there." - Jester

"When I'm not programming ghey progs to hack a game I really suck at and still suck at it with cheats activated (specifically ARC), I enjoy frivolous web surfing - especially when I find those wonderful thuper web sites with pedophile content." - Viper X

"I am superior to you because I am a superior idiot.. so there" - BaKeD

"I don't care what anyone thinks... but to set the record straight, I am not a poser Hackstoned." - Hackstoned

"i usually come up with names based on life experiences. ppe was a name i came up with when i was tripping on acid and i saw this movie with this weird purple monster that ate people.. then i said what a cool name! yeah yeah yeah!" - PPE

"suck it bish! hahaha! yeah baby!!! hehehe" - Papi

"IWABNGD (I want ARC back now GOD DAMMIT!)" - Anidragon

"In my yearbook, I will have the most brilliant quote... 'My dixie wrecked!' Few people will catch on to it but those that do will recognize my superior intellect!" - ToNy4MvP

"Ummm... DO I HAVE A TEAM??" - Ghent

"Squishy Weebo! EEH EEH EEH! SQUISH ME! WEEEEEEBO!" - Weebo

"I'm beginning to realize how much I suck.." - DogBaby

"No need to say it.. I admit that was a cheap kill. lol" - Baron

"I own Astrok and he knows it! I always tell him on ICQ and he agrees." - ZzSnore

"Viper will be bored for a while now." - BF


"i hate you yogi. you just won't die!! my lag has failed me. sigh.." - Jacen

"I was in deep thought again... when bright neon pink latex pants came to mind. Now, to the normal plebeians on this board, these neon pink garments may seem like a stupid thing. But to us highly educated persons, such as Yogi, and myself , we see much more into these garments, and how they effect our lives in astronomical proportions. The exponential rate at which these neon pink latex pants are being produced, symbolize how many of you go through life with out stopping to smell the roses. Yes people, take some time out of your busy schedule, and stop acting like pink pants!! You people make me sick." - Chogall

"Don't make me recycle you!" - RedBoxx

"Oprah is worth over 700 million dollars" - Pharcyde

"We have single people here worth more then your fake country phar "
- Pharcyde and Jarv

"Uh Bmoc.. I aint givin no one but Pengo head." - Queenie

"I see Arc being televised on fox every saterday night, they'd pick a game and from 5 pm to midnight, all americains could do is watch other people playing arc. sounds cool" - AtomicXXX

"Queen, yes, people really do eat goat cheese, and these people are of lower life form than I am. They are more cro-magnum than this Viper-X individual that some obsess about. So, I leave you primitives with these words of wisdom, with hopes that they may better your lives. If you have any questions, please don't bother me too much. Just conversing with low lives makes my IQ drop a few hundred points. Please direct your question to Yogi, He seems to have higher cranial capacity. - Chogall

"hmm, (RoNoF) tis nippleicious..." - Astrok

"i never use LOL, it looks funny.. lol however, looks like eyes shut and mouth is wide monica lewinsky." - Skate

"today's word is w00tish.. w00tish!" - Violent

"hi ! *hugs*" - Kiara

"DIE TONY!!!" - SilverSpider

"we know you love your brother yogi so much! stop acting like you don't.. you dream about him when he is not around!!" - Cutler

"Well, It all happened yesterday when I got my fairy for christmas, but he wouldnt stop barking, so I grabbed the cat and threw it in my pants. Seems it all went worse because I had to drink the honey as the water got hard....but as it turned out, the baseball game ended in a tie and all the cows gave me 1 gallon of bread. But you see, there was this guy fishing, the milk was sour and he had onions on his belt, so the bees wouldn't stop attacking him. He got tired of Mcdonalds and left, when he found some cheese in the car. But the airplane just didn't stop falling so it was pretty unfortunate. For him and the ducks that didn't get any of the onions on his belt." - Weebo

"me present? it would be biologically impossible for my form to answer messages in the form of small ions of energy traveling along wavelengths through wires reaching my modem through the computer to ICQ which triggers an equal reaction causing me too see a small yellow letter icon and sounds which let me know that someone has dedicated their time to send me a loving message" - Sleighte