Nipples Of Fate


The leaders of the NoF brotherhood have always been great minds. The words they speak are like melodic wisdom, sweet to the ears and food for the mind and soul. Indulge in these philosophical sayings and feel your nipple karma increase in nipplyness. These proverbs are those that have been written in the Book of NoF; a great work started by the Nipply One and continued in our hearts and lives.

- "Atu errum e nepano, atu chupnemitus e denepano."
"To err is nipply, to suck (consistently) is unnipply."

- "Legan enu denepanadum denos Nipponos, anorepantem sustangis nipplonidad."
"Lag is a curse from the nipple gods, repent and sustain nipplyness."

- "Khan desurvis duno destrivus porta sukhos, ehnd sukhos verdraso ventid aquishun di fortis gholz e nipplonidad eno meroto ghera pordi podehr.. edi Nipplandia Creudos quenos manteghan jhuntos condi espiritus alto enos nisoyas fortis."
"A clan that survives is one that strives for success, and true success comes from the acquisition of concrete goals and knowledge, not a mere power struggle.. it is the NoF Creed which keeps our bonds tight, our spirits high, and our souls strong."

- "Minosdinip pondem supnol e compeni legan, loskipondem tendem corzas fortis."
"Few nipples can understand and control lag, those that can are strong of heart."

- "Min peska esen foguen."
"My fish is on fire."

- "Manos genti undreghen nos khorzan y fortisen, ponce nosdi ownaj enos condi magnik facilden."
"Many people underestimate our heart and strength, hence we own them with great ease."