Nipples Of Fate

Nippleon Dictionary

Though the Nippleon language was never standardized due to various events that caused the originating members to separate and establish their own chapters, there are many common words and grammatical patterns that make it somewhat easy to translate. You may notice some greek and latin roots in there, including words that resemble modern-day english and spanish words.

* nepan - n. nipple; a powerful saucer developed in Hoopyland and blessed by the nipple gods; a pilot of a nipple (variation: nihpohl, nipplo)
e.g. "He is one cool nepan!", "His nepan is too powerful for mine! I must retreat!"

* nepano - adj. nipply; causing feelings of nipplyness/nipple euphoria (opposite: denapano; variation: nihpohlo, nipplono)
e.g. "This site is really nepano!", "I'm feeling quite nepano today.", "Reading the Book of NoF makes me nepano; my nipples are now enlightened."

* nipplonidad - n. nipplyness; a state of nipple euphoria; a state of total control of the nipple force; a state of oneness with one's nipple (opposite: denipplonidad; variation: nepanodarum, neponidad, nihpohlnidad)
e.g. "With my clan's training, I have achieved total nipplonidad."; "I was owning in that battle; my nipplonidad was reaching high levels! I thank the nipple gods for the gifts they have bestowed my nipples with!"

* venghen - adj. nipply, causing feelings of nipplyness/nipple euphoria (opposite: denapano)
e.g. "More good stuff venghen soon! Be patient, lil nip."

* pronotum - adv. soon; with haste (opposite: legantum, tardum)
e.g. "All shall venghen pronotum. Just give it time.", "How pronotum will ARC return? I hope pronotum or else I will go crazy. I am suffering from ARC withdrawal!"

* ack - n. exclamation of shock/surprise/fear; doodoo; uh-oh
e.g. "ACK! We fight them today?!?! DOH!"

* w00t - n. exclamation of excitement/ownage; oh hell yeah; yay; good stuff (variations: w00tage, wh00t, wOOt, hOOt, d00t, etc.)
e.g. "We owned EgO! w00t!", "That's some fine w00tage you have there."

* enu - con. is a (variation: ena, enis)
e.g. "Viper enu lil fat boy with no life.", "He enu kiss-ass."

* legan - n. lag; a special force that surpresses a nipply being but can be controlled by those with enlightened nipplage (usually a curse or other form of black magic wielded by nipple demigods or gods)
e.g. "Wow.. His legan is incredible!", "I have bad legan.", "Damn legan."

* ploss - n. packet loss; a special force that can crutch a nipply being but can be controlled by those with enlightened nipplage (can cause a nipple to survive otherwise deadly situations but, on the flip side, miss a target that was otherwise his for the taking)
e.g. "Wow.. His legan is incredible!", "I have bad legan.", "Damn legan."

* vipre - n. Viper; a gay individual; an immature individual; a lame individual (variation: hakkehr, patoh, laymah, estup)
e.g. "He is quite a vipre.", "Vipre must have today off from kindergarten."

* vipreno - adj. made in the image of Viper; gay; immature; lame (variation: hakko, patoh, laym, estupz)
e.g. "How vipreno! You excel in the arts of being lame, I see."

* ghey - adj. to act in manner that would make Viper proud; to be gay; to be stupid; to be lame; to be a stupid newbie; to be a pompous, annoying vet; denoting something unbelievable or just straight-up BS (opposite: strayt, nepano, honrum)
e.g. "That admin booted me for no reason... How ghey.", "We lost?? Ghey!", "How did he not die?? GHEY!"

* minos - adj. some; less (opposite: manos)
e.g. "Minos people are just incredibly ghey!"

* minosdinip - n. some nipples; a select few; a small group (opposite: manosdinip)
e.g. "Minosdinips have true skill, most just have bad lag."

* cojon - v. to whirl around by the nads, as to cause extreme discomfort; to make a whirling sound while inflicting pain on an enemy (from the spanish "cojones", meaning "nadss")
e.g. "I will cojon you thoroughly if you continue to resist!"

* smackage - n. the process of delivering high levels of offensive prowess (i.e. to smack, to be smacked; variation: smackdown)
e.g. "Smackage is what it's all about!", "Ph33r my smackage!"

* ownage - n. the state of total domination over an opposing force; the state of being completely cool and possibly non-chalant, in the case of a person (variations: own, ownosity, ownipotent)
e.g. "Frosted lucky charms.. There magically fictitious! Hmm.. Ownage!", "Bouncies offer high levels of ownage accompanied by finesse and pizazz."

* ph33r - v. to be incredibly afraid of something or someone; n. complete and utter fear of something or someone (opposite: own)
e.g. "Ph33r my lag!", "They ph33r us.", "Ph33r is my middle name.. MU HA HA!"

* supnol - v. to understand; to fully comprehend; to know it all (opposite: nosupnol; variation: sepapepi, omninol)
e.g. "They just don't supnol... Lag is a good thing when used with skill."

* w00tish - n. a small amount of w00tage; a fitting level of nipply or just plain spiffy content; adj. delivering a small amount of w00tage, spiffy/nipply content, etc. (opposite: wizzy-wack, dohish, dohage, wackness; from the Nippleon word "w00t")
e.g. "Got him with that last laser.. w00tish!", "w00tish combo there, partna!"

* fro - n. a bro or homie; to possess the cool guy qualities of one who has a big afro while maintaining a silly disposition on almost everything; a big puff of hair on someone's head resembling a q-tip's end (opposite: hoe, hizoe, skank, tight-ass; variation: fro bro, frogie, frogurt, homie, nip bro)
e.g. "No doubt.. Me and Snipe be fro bros all the way!", "All mah fros know the dealy!"

* w3rd - n. an agreement or concurrence with a belief, state, or other extension of a fellow or brother; an emphasis on oral exclamations or like statements (from the English word "word"; part of l33t wordage)
e.g. "w3rd.. I as well dislike when people try to act like the own me even thuh I own them proper-like.", "They suck donkey balls. w3rd."

* l33t - adj. elite; to be extremely and exclusively superior to the norm (opposite: sucky, scrubby, average; variation: el33t)
e.g. "That must be a l33t clan of some sort... They're owning up a storm!", "U R 1 l33t |\/|0F0!!!"