Nipples Of Fate

The story of ARC is one filled with great conflict and countless short stories intertwined with the development of the nipple. It is the history of ARC and it is the story of great nipples of past. It is the never-ending story that we write every day just by living the life of a nip...

The Story Thus Far...
- Chapter 1: The Nipple Origin Story
- Chapter 2: Nipplandia & The Nipply One's Followers
- Chapter 3: The Nipply One's Vision
- Chapter 4: King Vipre and Lord Natas
- Chapter 5: The Nipple Gods
- Chapter 6: Astrok and the Kingdom of Motehr
- Chapter 7: The Birth of JV The Great
- Chapter 8: The Creation of ARC
- Chapter 9: Hoopyland: Center of Nipple World
- Chapter 10: The Clanwars Begin
- Chapter 11: The Darkness
- Chapter 12: Yogizilla, the Astrowarrior and Oracle
- Chapter 13: King Vipre Returns
- Chapter 14: Defiance of the Gods & The UNnipply Curse
- Chapter 15: Great ARC Dynasties and Families
- Chapter 16: Peril in the Land of Tenandrum
- Chapter 17: The Birth of the AntiNip: The Story of ViperX and Clan Lahmuz
- Chapter 18: The Nipply One's Mysterious Disappearance
- Chapter 19: The Tekniks & The Foundation of the ARC Allegiance
- Chapter 20: The Great Isle of Wonneht
- Chapter 21: King Vipre Returns Once Again
- Chapter 22: The battle of TEN
- Chapter 23: The journey of many and the great ARC to WON
- Chapter 24: The covert sale of the great ARC spirit to the Sierra Demon
- Chapter 25: The NoF Brotherhood Rests

The Nipple Shrine

Our new society has worked hard to preserve treasures and relics of the original line of Nipples of Fate and to this day we continue embarking on many quests, acquiring new treasures, expanding our clan, and becoming more and more powerful. The NoF High Council has prepared this exhibition of treasures and gifts for NoF brothers/sisters and friends of the clan alike. In this most prized collection you will find proverbs (in both original Nippleon and english translation), great treasures and relics, and even downloadable files to nipplify your computer. Let us not forget why all this is here; it is because of the Nipply One that we have progressed as we have. Let us all worship him and may he bestow you all with great gifts of nipplyness!

- The Book of NoF: The sacred scripture of the Nipply One
- Quotes: Quotes of those who follow the ways of the Nipple
- Proverbs: Philosophical sayings of the NoF brotherhood
- Dictionary: What do those Nipply words mean?