Nipples Of Fate

- The NoF Brotherhood Rests -

After many faught battles, the NoF brotherhood found itself without a war to fight. Without the need to fight there was little to do. Many of the non believers left the brotherhood to find more blood and battles. The true believers knew they would stand to fight again.

After our dear brother Jediknite set off on a new quest, the brotherhood of the Nipples of Fate has fallen into a shroud of darkness. We were disheartened by the loss of our War Lord, a leader in many great victories for us, but we found solace in knowing that we have a friend for life, regardless. The NoF brotherhood was injured with the loss of Brother JediKnite and felt things were at an end. However our glorious leader, Yogizilla, came back into the light and showed us that JediKnite is still with the NoF brotherhood in spirit.

However, the corporate slime which plagues the world tried to ruin Yogizilla's life. While the highcouncil tried hard to survive, we needed help. Devoted believers, Bishop, Kilroy and Mousey were brought up into the council to help push NoF through this hard time. Many non believers said the brotherhood was dead and they managed to take some of the new brothers from us.

Many of the older brothers had found they had other more pressing engagements to attend to. However new blood was brought into our brotherhood and it continues to grow strong. The new brothers found battles to fight in the name of the Brotherhood, however not all was won.

The brotherhood had lost part of its skill without fighting for some time, however the brotherhood would return to power. Then on the historic day of the 12th March 2003, Brother Err0r returned to the brotherhood from the shadows and announced the new NoF website, updated the long untouched site of NoF AND spoke of his return to the battle ranks of the brotherhood, however few have been told.

Brother Err0r has returned