Nipples Of Fate

- The Creation of ARC -

The following morning, JV's servants had prepared a breakfast fit for kings. JV announced here that he wanted to expand the kingdom. So began the great battles. JV joined the ranks of Astrok's army and they expanded the land surrounding Fort Hoopy.

After many a battle, JV found himself victorious. He found his nipple power growing stronger with each battle. Vipre began to fear JV. As the Laiemahnian Empire shrunk, Hoopyland expanded. Hoopyland had now become the biggest kingdom in the Nipple World. It was in this manner that JV attracted many habitants to serve under his rule.

JV was a great leader and friend to all and with Astrok as general of his army, the land would be safe for much time. The nipple gods grew stronger and JV sense the surge of power in the nipple force. Nipplyness was abundant and he was happy. All the great battles and watching his people so happy filled his heart with nipple joy. Once again, the Nipple World was full of joy. JV was triumphant and it seemed as if Vipre ran away, never to cause trouble again.

JV now began his creation. He created new technology to better his people, he created beautiful homes for people to live in, he created bars and clubs for bouncy nipples to spend leisure time in... Then he created ARC!

ARC started off as a game where people would battle using nipple-shaped ships. They were able to destroy each other and respawn due to the special ability the ships had to teleport pilots out of them when damage was critical. These battles kept the nipple spirit strong. The ships were marvelous. A nipple would blow up and then materialize, pilot in the cockpit with minimal discomfort or pain.

It was much like the earthly Roman tradition of arena combat but only with more nipply style! JV was an incredible innovator. It was because of his ability to create such good things and the battles that he had won, that they called him JV the Great. JV, being the humble nipple that he was, did not take all the credit for the creation. Though he actually implemented it, some of the ideas were conceived in part by his council advisors. Regardless, the people loved him and everyone rejoiced in praise of his nipply name.