Nipples Of Fate

- The Birth of JV The Great -

Once again, the essence of the nipple was going strong. Gog and his beautiful celestial wife, Gogetta, were engaging in quality intercourse quite often.. A great line of nipple gods were born. One child was especially unique. His name was simply JV (named after Gog's favorite artist on the KGOD105FM on the radio, John Valentine). Gog sensed something different about him. Suddenly it became clear to him, this was THE ONE.

JV was to transpire into the Nipple World, hence losing some of his powers in the process. With the jump into the Nipple World, he aged rather quickly and found himself feeling quite, well.. mortal. But he was enjoying the whole walking bit instead of floating around all the time like he used to when he was on the astroplane with his family.

He began to miss them soon after making the jump but he knew his fate was there on the Nipple World's mortal grounds. After creating a place of residence for himself (Fort Hoopy, named after the nickname he gave his sister Hoopla), JV began to meditate and channel his godly energies so as to determine what way he could best put his powers to work.

A few months had passed and JV remained in a state of total nipple euphoria. Still, there was no amazing idea in his head; it was a mortal habit to be less than perfect. Astrok continued his crusades, sending letters along with little pigeons to the new leaders of Motehr, letting them know that he and his nipples were fine.

After defeating one of Vipre's strongest warlords, PsYkO, Astrok decided that it was time for his men to rest as they were growing weary after countless months of battling the forces of King Vipre. They were finally able to stop the growth of the Laiemahnian Empire, for now..

Astrok and his men had ridden into a strange land. It was a strange land because unlike all the lands on the outskirts of Laiemahnia, this land was beautiful. There was a strong nipply force surrounding the area, protecting it from evil seemingly. It was when he found this land that AccessDenied spotted the home of JV. At this point, AD wondered if he would be denied entry but he didn't worry too much about that.

As Astrok and his troop witnessed the greatness that was Fort Hoopy, they could not help but to stand in total awe. For what seemed to be a few minutes but was really an hour, they just looked at this wonderous creation. They knew no mere man could have created this; he would have to be a god or at least a demigod!

The gates of Hoopy opened and so they entered. Once they stepped in, the gates closed, emitting a large thump, suddenly they felt a presence. A voice spoke to them and welcomed them in a warm, inviting voice. It was JV.

JV greeted the brave adventurers with a great feast of delicious sweetened pastries, juicy spiced meats, fresh-made breads, and countless alcoholic beverages. Astrok sat, along with his loyal nipples, on a huge table furnished with only the finest ceramic and silver adornments and eating utencils. JV's pantry had food for millions and being one man, he surely had food to spare.

As they all ate together, Astrok spoke of his battles and how he had to leave his kingdom to pursue a higher cause. Meanwhile, Graves, EgoThumper, Nobody, and a few others were hitting JV's alcoholic stock quite hard. JV then released his plans to his new-found friend, as he felt in his heart that this was the man to help him actuate his plans.

Some of Astrok's men were particularly interested in these plans and they offered their help; BF was one of these men. The night of the arrival of Astrok's party, JV began brainstorming more. Discussions ran on throughout the night.. The High Council of Hoopy was formed.