Nipples Of Fate

- Astrok and the Kingdom of Motehr -

Astrok was a great friend of the Nipply One and admired him greatly. The great Astrok was admired by many but he showed no interest in such things. He was almost indifferent. His only purpose was to fight.. and win. With his kingdom strong and well, Astrok took a small band of nipples with him, leaving behind legendary nipples including TwistedNip, DragonSpire, and Nipploneous. These nipples lived for hundreds of years and always maintained their youth, blessed by the nipple gods. They saw to it that Motehr would not be destroyed nor it's people harmed.

Nipploneous was the most praised prophet in the kingdom. Though his vision was blurry, he saw that Astrok would be instrumental in the founding of a new land, where he would unite with the prophesized man that would bring nipplyness to the Nipple World once again. Astrok esteemed the word of Nipploneous and so, without query or quam, Astrok set off into the night. He had no direction, he had no plan, he just knew he had to go. Astrok rode off on his trusted steed as if trying to reach one of the planet's moons.

DragonSpire and TwistedNip had always fought together. Their origin is unknown and their stories change often. All that is known for sure is that they were brave, powerful nipples. They did not care if they lost or won, only that they fought hard and courageously. This spirit protected Motehr and inspired other inhabitants to fight along with them against Vipre and his ghey friends.