Nipples Of Fate

- The Nipple Gods -

Gog finally decided that he needed someone at his level of power to help him. With the Nipply One gone and his followers dispersed throughout the lands, trying to fight the evil that had tainted the purity of the nipple, Gog had no more help. He finally decided to try something different... He would soon find himself producing a female version of himself and a male version of himself as well. The female became known as Gogetta, to be his wife on his lonely limbo. His male counterpart became his son, Craarc.

It was to be a while before their powers would develop but with three gods overseeing the Nipple World, order would return eventually. Gog continued his battle against Vipre's dark magic while Gogetta stood by his side, keeping his spirits up and using her white magic to sustain Gog's powerful condition. Craarc was to work on a special project in the meantime.

It seemed that with Vipre running rampant, once good nipples were turning bad. Some of the lands became deniplified and were added to Vipre's evil empire which he called Laiemahnia. The followers of the Nipply One decided that their best strategy at this time would be to let the nipple gods fight Vipre and his army. Nipplandia was attacked constantly by wicked nipples trying to steal the treasures of the kingdom. The high council of nipples finally decided that for the true nipple spirit (as establish by Gog) to survive, Nipplandia had to be isolated from the rest of the world until the light returned to the land and the followers of the Nipply One once again had a great leader to follow.

With Nipplandia gone, Vipre was able to do his will with few that would resist him. He overlooked several great dynasties that had remained powerful over the years; the most powerful of these dynasties was that of the family Morten. The land of Motehr was a land breeding the greatest warriors ever. There, the often-fabled nipples SilverSpider, Nobody, AccessDenied, Graves, and EgoThumper found themselves residents along with many others.

Under the leadership of the Astrok the Great, Motehr had not fallen to Vipre's vile efforts. Astrok and his nipples fought hard and didn't know what losing meant until Vipre found a way to lock their special abilities. Lord Natas was growing with immense power with all the corruption in the land. Some nipples developed huge ego's and suddenly thought they were the kings and queens of everything. Others were purely chaotic and destroyed, reaped, and pillaged at random.

Chaos was one of these chaotic nipples.. Then there was OgreChow was not evil, but chaotic as well. He was ruthless and would destroy anything that stood in his way as he fought for power in the Nipple World. Soon he would have dominance...

The prophets were blessed by the nipple gods and were able to foresee the future. Despite Vipre's current reign, they saw the birth of a great man that would fulfill the Nipply One's vision as well as the coming of a great warrior and oracle. Craarc's special project was to make sure that these prophecies are fulfilled.