Nipples Of Fate

- King Vipre and Lord Natas -

King Vipre was the evil ruler of the land of Hackaroth. He was one of few people that was not a pure-breed nipple or at least a follower of the true nipple ways. Because of this, everyone in the Nipple World feared him as his sinister acts of destruction were purely random. Anyone was a target to his attacks and, where there was joy and happyness, he had to destroy whatever was causing that; and it was almost always a nipple of some sort.

Vipre was a vile man. Though Vipre is indeed a nipple, he is one of few that are evil. It was his lord, Natas, that corrupted his mind like this. Vipre was a weak, fat man who had no friends. He had a small piece of land which was bestowed to him by his father. One day, he happened to pick a fight with the wrong person and got pummeled quite badly. From that day on, he swore that he would avenge himself.

Since then, Vipre has been terrorizing everyone and anyone he considers a threat. Only those that kiss his big, jiggly booty would be saved.. for later. Once Vipre was able to find some treasures hidden throughout the land, he had come across some relics which had filled him with mystical powers he had not been born with. He corrupted these powers and channeled them into a dark magic that slowly corrupted the land, destroying lands, families, and even great dynasties.

King Vipre was a corruptor of hearts and minds.. A reaper of souls. He had no compassion. Everyone was at his mercy. Only those he wanted to toy with would be saved. Fortunately, Gog remained strong and was able to limit the effect of Vipre's magic. The efforts were draining the creator of the Nipple World and he soon found himself struggling once again.